Welcome to Through the Balcony!

Who are we?
We are a group of friends and nerds currently running a homebrew 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  Quick introductions:

Adam, the Dungeon Master
Andrea, Player (Bits of Tealeaf)
Daniel, Player (Thymus Vulgurus)
Luke, Player (Olek Segwen)
Nathan, Player (Xanithia Moonsnow) [Episode 27 - Present]
Rachel, Player (Absinthe Artemesia)
Taylor, Player (Kizzy)
Timothy, Player (Rafe "Thorn" Thorngrave) [Episode 0 - Episode 15]

What is this?
Through the Balcony is our way of sharing our tales of misadventure with you!  We are a story and roleplay driven adventure, moreso than combat and dungeon crawling (though we definitely have those as well.) I guess what that leads to is that when a decision comes down to rules versus story, story will most likely win out.  It also means that clever thinking and roleplaying are rewarded.  So, if that sounds like your kind of game, welcome!  We're currently almost four years into our current campaign, playing every two to three weeks on average.  We occasionally break off to run one shots, and are not against bringing another game to the podcast when the time is right. So, again, if that sounds like something you're interested in, please join us!

Where to start?
A simple question with a complicated answer.  Of course, the easiest place to start would logically be Episode 1, right?  Well, when we started this game we never planned on recording it and turning it into a podcast which unfortunately means that we never recorded the first ten episodes or so.  To help make up for that we released something we called Episode 0, which is a quick summary of the key events that led to where Episode 1 picks up.  It's a quick little summary, but be aware it isn't indicative of the normal live play content we create.  That can be found here, and the first episode can be found here.
Now, if you want to listen to the first few episodes we did record that fell right at the end of the first "chapter" we have those for you as well.  They are the full episodes and while the details are all covered in Episode 0, these are the real deal.  Those, lovingly dubbed "Negative Episodes" can be found here:
Episode -4: The Grey Lady
Episode -3: Stryx and Stones
Episode -2: The Shattered Tomb
Episode -1: The Heart of Akkenia

Now!  If you want to just hop on in to the most current arc of the story we have also made a series of Episode Zeroes that move you up to the start of the most current chapter and you can catch up at you leisure if you want to.  Those can be found right here:
Tombs of the Eternal Kings
The Isle of Dalcerra
Echoes of the Past
The Old God's Legacy

So, feel free to jump in where you want, and if you have any questions just shoot an e-mail over to throughthebalcony@gmail.com!