Episode 31: Broken Visions

So, once again we come to an episode where something went horribly, terribly wrong.  This time we succeeded in pushing the record button, at least, but we had a faulty cable in the setup that made the audio... rough, to say the least.  So we got together and did another recap similar to the one we did at the end of the last arc so that you can at least get the gist of what happened.  However, if any of you want to listen to the uncut, super rough, hardly edited, version of that we managed to record we have a link for it here.  We cover everything that happened in the recap, but if you want specifics or to hear some of our goofs feel free to check it out.  Good luck.

So, without further ado, listen to us recap as 2.4.1 Drinks makes use of their time as they wait to get a teleportation sigil to Dalcenna, Thyme heads off on a personal mission, and Xanithia hunts for more of the mysterious crystals that had shown her her first vision.

Music in this episode is:
"Teller of Tales" by Kevin MacLeod, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License;
"Ability" by Borrtex , Licensed under Creative Commons: Attibution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

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