New Chapter! New Annoucements!

Some announcements from us for the (near) beginning of 2020:

"Hello everyone!  It has been about a year since I’ve done an update like this, but there’s a lot going on so I wanted to let everyone know what we’ve been up to.  First off, before we get to anything, I want to thank you for being a part of what we do.  Sharing these stories is something I’ve really come to enjoy, so thank you for being a part of it.

So, into the announcements!  Or news.  Or whatever this is.

First, along with this announcement we just released Episode Zero!  Again!  For those just tuning in that’s great news!  We release an episode after each chapter of our story that attempts to summarize the events that took place.  So all put together they gives you the ability to catch up with the story if you’re new, or remind yourself of where we came from.  And, while I absolutely recommend listening to the whole story, it does give you the chance to skip past the episodes where our audio quality is a bit lacking. 

I choose to look at it as celebrating how far we’ve come!  And even if you’re all caught up, why not give it a listen to hear it told from a new perspective.

Next, and kind of hand in hand with Episode Zero, is that we will be starting our new chapter on April Sixth, two weeks from now.  I’ve decided to call it the End of the Beginning… for reasons.  So keep an eye out for that!

Now, something that I have no schedule for is something I will be working on in the months to come.  Earlier I mentioned the audio quality of some of our older episodes.  There are some elements of that are inherent to the equipment that can’t really be fixed, but we’ve improved our process over the years (God, is it really years?).  So I am going to go back and try to remaster some of the older episodes and bring them up at least a bit closer to the quality we’ve reached today.  So keep an eye out for that!

Now, onto a slightly more serious matter: with things going on in the world the way they are right now we can’t be sure if our ability to play together is going to be impacted. As much as we love playing, we also want to do our part to keep ourselves and the others in our lives healthy.  So, we’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible, but if there is a delay in our release schedule just know that we’ll be back as soon as we can.  We may play with a couple other thing to try and still bring you something, but one way or the other we’ll be back.  Or, God willing, we won’t go anywhere at all!

So, thank you all for sticking with us this long!  There might be some other things coming down the pipe, so stay tuned!  And with that, I think that’s everything!  Here’s to another year of this madness!  Thanks again for listening."

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